Ewe Applet Demo (Java 1.2) is Loading…

Hand-Held PC Version

 (~888KB - Approx 5 minutes @ 28.8Kbps)

October 17th 2001, Michael L Brereton

This demo runs a Ewe program under your web browser’s Java virtual machine as a normal Java Applet. If everything goes well a new Java Applet window will appear.


This version will restrict the application pop-up frames to being initially sized to 640 x 240 so you can see how the program would run on a HandHeld PC such as the HP Jornada 680/720 series. There are two other versions:


Make sure you close the current applet before starting the new ones.


ü      An unrestricted frame-size version that shows how the application would run on a Desktop PC.

ü      A PalmPC/PocketPC frame-size version that shows how the application would run on a palm sized device.

Browser Requirements

  1. This demo will work with a browser that has a Java VM which is at least Java 1.2 compliant such as Netscape 6.1


If you would like to view a Java 1.1 version you can instead load http://www.ewesoft.com/Demos/eweDemo11.htm which will work under Internet Explorer and Netscape.


The Applet window that will appear is resizable, even with the demo running. Try resizing it and running the different demo modules after a resize. This will give you an idea of how the program would run under different platforms.


Please contact me at michael_brereton@ewesoft.com if there are any problems with this demo.